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Are you searching for an air conditioning installer or repair provider in Bluffton, SC? If so, it’s time to see what Coastal Heating and Air has to offer.

As you search for an air conditioning installation or repair provider in Bluffton, SC? If so, it’s time to see what Coastal Heating and Air has to offer. We are ready to repair or replace your existing air conditioning system to keep you cool this summer. Whether you need to replace or repair your air conditioning, Andrew Dorr is a 20 year veteran in the HVAC industry in Bluffton, SC.  He provides all on-site work, as he does not rely on subcontractors to do the job.

We are ready to repair or replace your existing air conditioning system to keep you cool this summer.

When you are looking for an affordable, reliable air conditioning service, it’s time to contact Coastal Heating and Air at 843-338-6135 today. The South Carolina coast is hot during the summer months, and it’s vital to your health to stay cool. With a working air conditioning system, you can keep yourself safe and away from the hazardous heat.

Don’t wait to get your HVAC repaired this summer, and protect yourself from the hot weather.

Whether your system needs a quick repair, or you are looking for a replacement, Andrew Dorr will talk to you about your options. He is not going to replace your system when a less costly repair is possible. Andrew Dorr takes customer service seriously, and will not suggest a replacement system if it is not necessary.

Common Signs You Need To Replace Your AC Unit
Why Replace Your AC Unit?

The energy efficiency of your HVAC system will have a direct impact on the cost of cooling off your home. If your system is old and hasn’t been maintained, this can lead to high energy costs to keep your home comfortable. With the new energy-efficient HVAC systems available, it might make sense to invest in a new system instead of continuing to run an outdated, expensive air conditioner.

Why Choose Us!

Heating and cooling emergencies are a reality for every homeowner. Knowing you have a dependable heating and cooling company to call when you need one is an immense relief. Coastal Heating and Air strives to be that company for Bluffton homeowners. Our team is committed to providing fast, dependable service so you and your loved ones never have to suffer through a hot or cold night.

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Get the Professional Help You Need

It’s not easy to replace an HVAC system or to repair an existing one if you don’t know what you are doing. Coastal Heating and Air has the experience you need to get the job done right. As an expert in the industry, Andrew Dorr knows what it takes to replace or repair your existing HVAC system. He will carefully explain what your options are, and give you the ability to choose what works for you and your budget.

Each HVAC installation must be done according to state building codes and follow all manufacturer specifications for your warranty to be valid. Don’t trust the job to just anyone, and make sure that a trained professional is taking care of your HVAC system.

Maintenance of Your HVAC System Is Critical 

It’s important to take good care of your air conditioning system in Bluffton, SC, even if you’ve just had a new one installed by a professional. You can rely on your HVAC system for years with minimal maintenance when it’s taken care of each year. Annual maintenance will prepare your system to work hard in the summer months, and help to prevent a system breakdown.

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Coastal Heating and Air is your trusted local heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality company ready to handle a full range of indoor comfort concerns. From heat pump repair and commercial services to UV air sanitizer installations—we do it all!

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